Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My very first Scrap-Event :)

Last weekend it finally happened: my first scrapbook event! All six workshops took place from Friday to Sunday near Frankfurt. We had three amazing teachers who taught us some new techniques, and great workshop kits with amazing stuff inside. Besides, we got an amazing goodie-bag, filled with the latest scrapbook-collections. I was overwhelmed!

Wilna Furstenberg was the first one, she came the whole way from Canada to Germany. She is so amazing! Although her style is rather clean and simple (take a look at her blog), it was a lot of fun to try out the new Gelatos from Faber Castell and listen to her tips & tricks.

This was the first layout we created: 

We had a second workshop with her, where we created a really cute and easy mini album. I haven't finished mine yet, so be curious for the pictures :)

The second workshop was about creating a mixed media project on canvas, taught by Gery van Gent (look at her blog!). I really love her style to create a layout and I love how my project turned out (I'll show you the pictures later, because I haven't finished it yet :)) Besides the mixed media art, we created also a mini album made from wood.

Our third teacher was Felicitas Mayer-Klink (take a glance at her blog, too), and we had some great layout-workshops with her, too. We tried some water-coloring techniques for the background, which I really liked. Here you can see the results: 

By the way I got to know some great new people, who share my passion for scrapbooking, and I will hopefully see them again in future.

So guess what... This was definitely not my last Mega-Event with Scrapbook Werkstatt! Can't wait till next year :)



  1. We had a lot of fun to share our table with you!

  2. Ich hab deinen Artikel erst jetzt entdeckt. Deine Layouts sind super geworden.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Liebe Nicole, freut mich wirklich sehr, dass dir meine Layouts so gut gefallen! Durch deinen Kommentar bin ich auch auf deine Blogs gekommen, und hab gesehen dass ihr Gastdesigner sucht... :) Meine Bewerbung wird vermutlich dieses Wochenende rausgehen! :) xxx