Card-making is also a big part of scrapbooking. The best thing about this, is that you'll never have to buy some boring or impersonal birthday/greeting/wedding/... cards again, but you'll create the most beautiful and personal cards you could imagine. Every person who gets such a selfmade card from you, is just overwhelmed and feels honored, that you spend so much time to create something unique.
I love to give gifts to my loved ones, and the smile and gratitude in their face is worth every hour of crafting.

Here's a card I created for my supervisor after finishing my Master Thesis. I had a great time during these six months and I was thankful for all the great experiences I've had there. She was really happy about this card and I think she really liked it.

I love to create all different kind of cards, too. And here are just some examples I created in the last two years:

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  1. Hi how do you make the men's card with the ties on?